K. Knowledge 

Katherine brings a wealth of knowledge and legal experience to the bench. She is a double HBCU graduate from Spelman and Howard University School of Law. She is an Assistant District Attorney Felony Prosecutor. As a prosecutor she possesses the necessary judgment to oversee the most serious cases because of her extensive trial background. Katherine has tried over 20 cases ranging from misdemeanor Driving While Intoxicated to Sexual Assaults and Murder. In addition to the trial experience that Katherine possesses, Katherine is a native Houstonian. The combination of Katherine’s unique educational background and Prosecutor experience, has shaped her approach to addressing how crime affects our community and creating sustainable solutions to reduce crime and increase safety. 

A. Accountability 

Katherine wants a safer Harris County. Katherine believes that crime prevention first begins with accountability. Katherine wants to change systemic issues affecting the Harris County community. Katherine believes that balancing the court’s systems of bail reform and crime prevention are the first steps in change. Katherine will prioritize creating safe spaces for victims to share their lived experiences and addressing inequitable gaps in the law. Katherine understands the need to set appropriate bonds given the nature of the offense. Katherine is not afraid to revoke or set high bonds for repeat violent offenders and those who continue to violate bond conditions. Katherine also wants her constituents to hold her accountable by ensuring that cases do not languish for extensive periods of time without a resolution. 

T. Trust 

Katherine is passionate about ensuring trust back into communities that the criminal justice system has too often failed. Since her time at Howard University School of Law, she has seen first hand how the criminal justice system works against people of color and low-income communities. Katherine understands the plight that socioeconomic status, race and class uniquely play in the criminal justice system. Katherine will make rulings according to the Texas and United States Constitution, but most of all she will be fair. Katherine is committed to instilling confidence back into our community because she knows that an efficient criminal justice system values the rights of both the victims and defendants.